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MOPAR Parts For Sale:

70-74 Rally Dash Parts:

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70-71 Rally Dash Lens $100


Light Tubes photo mp1014_zpsa9a7dcde.jpg

Set of 3 light tubes that mount where "left", "right", & "brake" are on the bezels. Set is $30


Here are some Bezels:

Bezel 3 photo mp1023_zps3e6181c3.jpg Bezel 3 photo mp1024_zpsafe7c0f8.jpg Bezel 4 photo mp1025_zpseb40bc9c.jpg Bezel 4 photo mp1026_zpseb6b5233.jpg Bezel 4 photo mp1027_zps5f059d4f.jpg


These old '70's plastic bezels are getting really hard to find, not sure if anyone is re-popping them yet. I have 2 left. Overall the bezels are in ok restorable condition, with a little elbow grease and some "plastic spray paint" you can do some wonders with these, again this is something I offer if interested. There are a broken "tit" on each of these, which does not hurt anything, the one I restored has the same missing "tit" once you put the screws in to hold it down this does not matter. I sell these for $125 as is / $225 restored. (not including woodgrain) For a additional $150 I can put wood grain on it. Here is a pic of the one I restored:

 photo FB_IMG_13444404052978368.jpg


70-74 Switch Panel Bezel:

Side Cluster Panel photo mp1028_zps21f10cfd.jpg Side Cluster Panel photo mp1029_zps6f4cd6e9.jpg Side Cluster Panel photo mp1030_zpsbfeaa41c.jpg

I have several of These:

All the panels are drilled for a 4-switch application, the difference between a 3 & 4 switch is simply the woodgrain insert.

They Sell for $75 as is or $150 restored (not including woodgrain), or I can put a new woodgrain insert with your choice of either a 3 or 4 switch application for a additional $100.

Please note that there is more time involved with the restoration options


Side Clusters N Switches photo mp1041_zps0f6ce1e7.jpg Side Clusters N Switches photo mp1042_zps277b5625.jpg

I also Have lots of Switches too, in case you cannot find any and want to rebuild these.


Crank Pulleys:

Crank1 photo mp1031_zps07eeca9c.jpg Crank1 photo mp1032_zps849df267.jpg Crank1 photo mp1033_zps61cc7892.jpg Crank1 photo mp1034_zps8050fd32.jpg Crank2 photo mp1035_zps71b7dde9.jpg Crank2 photo mp1036_zps5498552e.jpg Crank2 photo mp1037_zps61e18692.jpg Crank3 photo mp1038_zpscf02a2ef.jpg Crank3 photo mp1039_zpscd34f053.jpg Crank3 photo mp1040_zpsae973589.jpg

I have 3 different configurations, which one you want. $40 ea.


The only radio bezel I have left is for the AM radio, I thought I had some AM/FM but I guess I sold them already. $100

Radio Bezel AM photo mp1044_zps7c313c88.jpg

A/C Bezel I only have the regular dash bezels. This is what it looks like. $75 as-is $150 Restored

Reg, A/C Switch Panel photo mp1045_zps01564574.jpg


Oh yea, I have Wiper Motors and Parts as well:

Wiper Parts photo mp1043_zps57af5527.jpg

This page Changes faster than we can keep it updated, so if you see something you want contact asap. These original MOPAR parts are getting harder and harder to find.

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